Towny Reborn ♛ Test Server: ♛ 1.12.2 Native (Supports 1.9-1.15)

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The test server also includes a /cheat menu so you can see all the different ranks and such without spending hours grinding. This isn't in the real setup.
This server comes with tons of documentation and support! This includes tons of video tutorials and written information for installation and customization. This also includes 24/7 support in our Discord!
Introducing Towny Reborn! This setup is completely designed to satisfy the environment of a nice towny server while having optional plugins that can make the server a lot more aggressive such as wars and such to fit any sort of mood that you are going for with your server.
(Custom Coded) Bloodmoon
(Custom Coded) Rain Reborn
(Custom Coded) Shop Reborn
Towns and Nations
Town Wars
Custom Enchants
Unique Fishing
9 Player Ranks
5 Donor Ranks
4 Crates, Playervaults
Trading, Staff Mode
Bounties, Pets
Auctions, Jobs
And More!
When the sun goes down the mobs come out. This plugin gives mobs some unique effects and abilities on some nights.
Rain Reborn
A remastered plugin from my original factions setup, there is a chance that it will rain items from the sky!
Shop Reborn
Completely custom coded and optimized to work with this setup to prevent lag and keep the economy balanced.
All builds are completely unique! The setup includes the builds already configured for a drop and play experience. The builds look great without shaders but we took pictures with them because it makes them look even better!
The bloodmoon has a 20% chance (configurable) to start at night when the bloodmoon starts mobs get huge buffs that make it very dangerous for players to go outside.
Zombies - Gain the ability to slamdunk
Skeletons - Gain rapid-fire that recharges
Creepers - All Creepers become charged
Pigs, Sheep, Cows - Become hostile
When the rain starts items begin to fall from the sky. The items that fall from the sky are configurable along with how often rain occurs and how many items it drops.
This setup comes with a total of 10 different ranks for your players to progress through, this can be done using a combination of money and playtime. Players can view all the ranks and their perks with /ranks
The enchants on this server are designed to be minimal but still adding enough of a unique experience that the server will not be boring! These can be received with either just enchanting normally or using the enchantment villager at spawn!
There are a total of 5 preconfigured donor ranks Elder, Knight, Lord, King, Emperor. These can be given to players. Each rank comes fully ready to go with different perks so you can start making money immediately.
Fishing has gotten a complete revamp, players are able to fish to retrieve different levels of fish that are worth more to the shop. Players can also purchase different baits that attract higher-level fish, the bait store is unlocked at Nomad Rank.
This setup includes 4 unique crates that can be purchased either in the jobs shop or received via Voting/In-game purchases.
Pets can be earned from crates or given via permissions. These pets provide a relaxed atmosphere and good companionship for anyone playing alone.
This setup includes MCMMO Classic which is a great addition and an overall essential for any survival server. This setup also introduces an amazing GUI menu to allow players to redeem credits earned for different skills easily and effectively.
This setup comes with a specialized staff mode that allows for easy access to important staff commands. The staff mode easily allows you to create and execute templates of punishments and messages on players in order to keep your staff members using the same punishments for everyone and give off that impression of unity.
There are 5 jobs which are the best way for your players to earn money to increase the size of their town or make nations. There is also a jobs shop which players can use points earned to purchase unique items!
Trading offers a safe way for players to exchange items which not only prevent players from scamming each other but also allows less workload on your staff as they will not be dealing with constant scamming reports.
This setup comes packed with custom menus to make sure that your setup feels unique and makes it easy to use for even brand new players.
Players are able to sell items at the auction house with /ah. These items can be sold as either a BIN or a BID situation, higher-ranked players are able to put more items on the auction house.
Using /withdraw will allows players to pull money out of their balance and give the note to other plugins in order to redeem a set amount of cash. This can also be done with experience using /bottle. This is a great way for players to help each other get to the same level or help lower level players out. They can also be used in trades.
I offer extensive support for free. If you are in need of any help please feel free to contact us at the support link below. Along with any support you need you may also become a VIP which gives you 20% any other of my setups.