Hub Reborn ♛ Test Server: ♛ 1.8.8 Native (Supports 1.8-1.16)

What do we have here?
Ladies and gentlemen today I present to you an amazing hub setup hot and ready.
You can find the test server at:
This server comes with tons of documentation and support! This includes tons of video tutorials and written information for installation and customization. This also includes 24/7 support in our Discord!
This setup is much more than a build with some portals. There are a variety of features that make this hub enjoyable for all your players.
Jump Pads
Movement is obviously important to get around the hub quickly. Jump pads have been placed around in order to speed up players and help them get to the portals faster.
The scoreboard records how many players are on each server in order for players to know where everyone is playing and may play along with their friends.
If you want servers added PM me.
This server comes with 43 preconfigured gadgets. All these gadgets can be earned from Mystery Boxes which can be awarded via command for Buycraft or by spending time on the server.
All of these gadets do some awesome things! Be sure to check them out in game!
There are a total of 21 trails. These can be earned from Mystery Boxes or given to players via a permission.
Players can use the 17 different emotes to express themselves or make a fool of themselves with other players. These can be earned from Mystery Boxes or given via a permission.
Players can also purchase pets or use the default pets by selecting the slimeball on their main hotbar.
Other Cosmetics
Of course, there are more than just those cosmetics. This server also includes hats, suits, pets, banners, and cloaks.
All these can be unlocked via Mystery Boxes or awarded via permissions.
Server Selector
Players can also use a server selector to connect to whatever server they would like instead of walking into the portals.
If you would like more servers added/changed contact me.
Players are able to group up with each other across the network. When the party leader joins a server all the players in his party follow him.
Players are also able to add friends to see when they come online. This allows them to easily join a party and pair up with their buddies.
Portals can be created to direct players to a server. To create a portal use the following setups:
1. Use //wand to select the portal with WorldEdit
2. /bportals select 8
3. /bportals create (bungeecordservername)
If you need help creating portals PM me.
Players can earn vaults by playing on the server or given to them via a command. This is a great reward for Minigames or donors and makes them stand out with special cosmetics.
Mystery Boxes
Players can be given mystery boxes which can be redeemed for various cosmetics in game. To redeem them visit any of the mystery boxes around the spawn.
I offer extensive support for free. If you are in need of any help please feel free to contact us at the support link below. Along with any support you need you may also become a VIP which gives you 20% any other of my setups.