Hey guys, we love Minecraft, and because of this, we decided to start a weekly newsletter/video for all things Minecraft news. The newsletter is released here on our site, but we will also have a video dropping at the same time on our YouTube. This project is of course ongoing and we would love your feedback on the kind of news you guys want to see and anything cool Minecraft projects that deserve some recognition. Feel free to connect with us on Discord to leave your suggestions, but let's go ahead and get right into this.


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Minecraft Now

Up first, Minecraft Now premiered on Thursday this week and they showed off the allay some more and how to find them. It looks like they can only be found in either pillager outposts or in woodland mansions.

They also showcased their item collection feature, taking it on a quick cave dive and having it pick up items while they mined in a cave. The allay will ignore all NBT data and only focus on the kind of item they are told to find.

Sprinkled in there they dropped the sad news to bedrock players, the Warden will not be coming in the first 1.19 update on bedrock, only on Java.

We also got a look at some seasonal adventures to Minecraft dungeons, which seems to be a pretty normal version of what seasonal cosmetics are in other games, but with the ability to go back a season if you missed something.


Snapshot 22w16a

We also got another snapshot for 1.19, where we got 4 new music tracks. And we also got a new Music Disk, Music disk 5 which can only be obtained by crafting disc fragments found in ancient cities together.

Along with that, we got various allay tweaks like increasing their health up from 5 hearts to 10 hearts and increasing their search distance range from 9 to 32. Along with that we also got a bunch of other various bug fixes.


Pixelmons 10th Birthday

Pixelmon just had its 10th birthday on April 21st, they released Pixelmon 8.4.0 to celebrate, which included a bunch of various improvements to the popular mod.



Some quick bonus news for you, some wonderful Capybara artwork by BirbHelp on Twitter (, and an awesome looking computer by PcBox Barcelona as well (



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Saturday, April 30, 2022

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