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Salutations everyone! This week we have some interesting things going on in the world of Minecraft!

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1.19 just came out and we already have the making of 1.19.1 on the horizon; in this new snapshot, we’re greeted with some new gameplay and safety features. Players can now report chat messages in multiplayer servers(Java via the current snapshot, and Bedrock will soon follow) via their chat settings menu. It looks like Microsoft is getting serious about their community moderation tools that were promised a few years ago during MineCon. In addition to the chat reporting feature, we’re getting some gameplay features primarily revolving around the always lovable Allay. They can now “duplicate” when introduced to a jukebox playing any disc. The duplication effect is on a two-and-a-half-minute cooldown though, so no Allay army just yet. There are also some much appreciated but fairly mundane bug fixes in this snapshot mostly relating to the 1.19 update.


Minecraft Legends

WOW! The next Mojang blockbuster may be out sooner than we thought. A trailer for “Minecraft Legends” just dropped this week and it looks fantastic! The Nether invades the Overworld, all life as the villagers know it hangs in the balance, and only you can stop the siege. From the brief two-minute trailer, it looks as if we’re going to get some familiar building systems present in Minecraft, with some horde-based encounters, sieging mechanics, and base building/defense thrown in. This is shaping up to be a very exciting new take on the game we’ve loved for over a decade now. Hopefully, Mojang will take the lessons learned from Story Mode and Dungeons and create a truly great game we can enjoy with friends. There is no firm release date yet but it looks like they’re shooting for a full release sometime in 2023 on all consoles and PC.


Plan- A New Minecraft Server Player Analytics Plugin
This may be the next mandatory innovation for Minecraft servers, period. Server owners listen up: This analytics plugin will change how you look at player data. Plan allows you to log all user data including active time, player actions, geo-location, and favorite time to play on the server; it doesn’t just stop there though, it allows you to display individual player statistics, statistics for all of the players on an individual server, or if you run a network- statistics for every server in the network all from a single dashboard. Data aggregation like this has never been possible before without investing heavily in an expensive solution that may require hiring a developer or learning complex database structures and web development. Plan is fairly easy to set up and has easy-to-follow documentation that walks you through the whole process- all for free. With this in your server, you can better understand your player's habits, detect cheating easier, optimize your premium ranks and rewards, and increase sales and engagement. Expect a full tutorial soon!


LOTR Is Coming to Minecraft, Sort Of

A dedicated player and avid fan of Lord of The Rings came up with a cheeky way to create the impressive (utterly terrifying if you know what’s behind them) Doors of Durin for his own mine in Minecraft. The entire thing was created with item frames holding maps of pixel art. The creator explains his process as thus: “The line art is white concrete blocks. The stone texture (actually looks better without shaders) was made with stone, deepslate, cyan terracotta, and stone "staircases" that escalate towards the south to make the stone grey slightly brighter”. I can’t imagine how long this actually took them but the final result is amazing.



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Friday, June 17, 2022

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