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Hey everyone,

We got a bunch of news! Including a new version of Minecraft!


Video Link: https://youtu.be/J_fjHbplbEw


Minecraft 1.19 Release

The Minecraft wilds update is officially released! Join in with the warden, allay, and a bunch more in the newest version of Minecraft. If you don't already know whats new in the update, we made a video about everything you should know so be sure to check it out here: https://youtu.be/C8vZ4TacbE8


Spigot and Bungeecord 1.19

Both of these amazing projects already have releases to support the 1.19 version, these are also available for users on our panel, if you want to test out the update on your own you can install the new version directly on our servers via the "Versions" tab.


HermitCraft Turns 9

For any of you that follow the hermitcraft smp, nine years ago was the first video in the series. That's an amazing accomplishment and props to Mumbo Jumbo for keeping it going so long.


Minecraft Dungeons is 2

Keeping on the theme of birthdays, Minecraft dungeons has officially been released for two years now, they also dropped a bunch of crazy statistics of everything their players have done during this time, which you can check out HERE.


Java and Bedrock Edition

From now on, if you own either Java edition or Bedrock edition, you will also get the other version completely free. So if you already have one copy of Minecraft, you now have two. I will be making a video on how to allow bedrock players into your Minecraft servers soon. That way everyone will be able to play together in harmony.



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Friday, June 10, 2022

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